Welcome to Seattle Music School

For over 40 years we have continued to both teach and perform music in a wide variety of venues.  We love music in all forms and hope to transfer both our passion for music and performance acumen to our students.  Our performance expertise  allows us to tap valuable experience when faced with any number of teaching challenges – from helping a student in obtaining correct posture to mastering nuanced technical elements of play. We are extremely patient and able to correct any difficulties faced by our students.

We offer lessons in Seattle and Bellevue area as well as online (Skype violin and piano lessons) to students of all ages.   Now accepting competition level as well as hobby level students and beginners – limited enrollment.


We offer individual piano lessons to students of all ages and levels. We insure a solid musical foundation and help to cultivate interest, desire, and the drive to succeed. Our individual lessons help the student to progress much more quickly than in a group environment since we are sensitive to the student’s learning style, interests, and goals. Our unique and special designs will give you the visual experience which makes the music come alive.

Violin - Seattle Music School


Seattle Music School offers individual and ensemble weekly violin lessons. We also provide performance and competition opportunities for students from K-12. We strive to help students make their first steps towards participating in or excelling at their current school orchestras, performing at their school or local community.